Digital Marketing Tips to Help Launch Your Startup


Entrepreneurship is on the rise these days.  With the rise of the internet and the growing emergence of mobile devises, businesses can navigate the path of modern startup with a few short keystrokes and clicks.  It has become relatively easy to get a website up and running through tools such as SquareSpace and Wix, but it is harder to drive traffic to that site to get the revenue ball rolling.

Digital Marketing is the new term for the increasingly important marketing channel to help kick off your business in modern style. Through the use of the growing array of digital marketing tools, you can launch your business and start reaching potential customers from day one.

Here are some strategies you can use to build your digital marketing presence:

Content, content, content:  Back in the good old days, it was all about location.  These days, business success increasingly relies on what you have to say.  By creating unique content, you will open your business to a whole new audience actively seeking out what you have to offer.  This evergreen content should be crafted to stand the test of time.  It will include information that internet surfers will want to read - articles, lists and general information that isn't subject to the ever changing fads - in order to bring a steady stream of new inbound clicks.

Get social:  Nothing can get the buzz going about a new business like social media.  At the same time you publish your website, create relevant social media accounts on sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Each social media channel offers free or cheap advertising directly to socially active readers on the hunt for products and services. 

Online advertising:  Unless you have endless hours to dedicate each day to developing inbound links to your site, you may want to invest in some online advertising options.  The big dog in the marketplace is Google Ads that allows you to target specific keywords to drive users directly to your website.  It's an affordable and effective way to jump to the front of the line when it comes to folks searching for what you offer.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This one is a critical step in all online marketing.  It's a critical balance to making sure that you target the specific keywords that users hunt for online without packing your site with language that drives them away in minutes.  Hit on your keywords in your title, content and tags.  Create a separate blog that allows you to use the words in a more organic forum and keep an eye on the marketplace for new / different ways to target consumers to your site.

Stash some goodies: It can get hard to constantly come up with new ideas for blog articles or content.  Social media and blogs aren't just for wasting time, they can be fodder for future content.  Keep a file of potential articles from some of your favorite reads and do your own original spin on them in the future.

Get them talking:  One of the most important steps in digital marketing and capturing new consumers is to actively engage with your audience.  Chat with them on your social media pages.  Ask a question at the end of a blog post.  Let them know that you are interested in them and you will quickly gain their interest too.

These are just a few simple digital marketing tips that you can squeeze into your spare time.  Spending a few short minutes a day on these steps will help you grow your online presence in next to no time.