Move Over Millennials: Generation Z Is Ready to Launch

Move over Millennials, Generation Z is poised to take over the workforce and they are ready to hit the ground running.  In a few short years, those pesky kids born in the mid-90s and on will emerge onto the working and entrepreneurial scene with a unique set of experiences that has them ready to shake things up.

According to a national study conducted by Northeastern University, Gen Z has been seriously impacted by the financial downturn over the last decade and they are already planning for the future.  Looking at the future with realistic poise, 67% worry about affording college, 64% are concerned about getting a job, and 60% worry about having enough cash.

This realistic view of the future has cultivated a brand new entrepreneurial spirit that would offer them more control over their professional lives than the formerly comfortable corporate jobs – nearly 42% believe that they will work for themselves.  Generation Z has a new view of the education that they will need to achieve their entrepreneurial goals with 63% of them believing that entrepreneurship should be taught in college.

What do you expect to see from Generation Z as they emerge on the professional scene?