Entrepreneur Tip: Buy a Notebook!

Once you decide you want to start your own business and you make the decision about what type of business you want to start, you will be surprised at how fast ideas will start to come to you. The first thing I recommend to my clients that are just starting out is to buy a notepad and bring it with them everywhere.

Bring that notebook with you everywhere. Ideas and questions will come to you at the park, as you wait in line at the coffee shop, or as you are picking up the kids at daycare. As quick as they come, they will quickly disapear unless you write them down.

At this stage, there are no dumb ideas and no dumb questions. Write everything down and flush out the details later. I’ll give you ideas later for ways to use your notebook, but for now just find one you like and make sure you have it with you wherever you go.

About the author:    The Business Girl is Terri Sullivan Biehn.  I have been a professional business writer and management consultant for more than fifteen years.  As a management consultant, I work with entrepreneurs to develop business plans and other documents.  Through my consulting practice, I coach entrepreneurs and small business owners on their general start-up, marketing, financial, operational and management issues.