Should You Hire a Professional Busines Plan Writer?


If you are starting your own business, you probably know that you need a business plan.  While you know you should have a plan in place, the mere thought of sitting down to put pen to paper may fill you with dread.  You know what you want to do and have an idea of how you will go about building your business, but feel overwhelmed by the idea of sitting down to actually write your business plan.

Rather than skip the important step of cultivating a concrete business plan, you may find yourself turning to a professional business plan writer to help you create the best plan possible for your business.

What is a Professional Business Plan Writer?

Before you decide to hire a professional business plan writer, you need to understand what they are and how they can be a valuable tool for your business.  These experienced writers are true professionals in the aspect of start-up businesses.  They understand the unique needs of new businesses and know what investors are looking for in a business plan.  They have exemplary writing skills that allow them to appropriately convey the unique nature of your business in a way that will make a reader excited to read more.  In most cases, they have an understanding of the financial aspect of running a business and are able to create financial models that showcase your business’ growth potential.

What Can a Professional Business Plan Writer Do For Your Business?

When it comes to a business plan writer, the range of services can vary widely.  Many writers will take your ideas and format them into a professional business plan.  They take information that you provide to them and regurgitate them into a standard template that addresses the needs of most funding sources.  Other business plan writers play the role of a management consultant working with you to fully develop your idea, conducting necessary research, and assisting you will developing your plan from the bottom up.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Business Plan Writer?

There are lots of reasons why entrepreneurs turn to a professional business plan writer.  Writing can be a big challenge for a new business owner.  The very thought of writing a business plan can be extremely intimidating.  There may not be enough hours in the day to focus on writing a solid business plan.  They may have just hit the wall with trying to create their own plan.  It becomes very easy to procrastinate and put off the important step developing a business plan for their new business.

A professional business plan writer can help you streamline the process by focusing their time and energy into creating a business plan for you.  They can ask the questions that help you get into the entrepreneurial mindset and fully flush out the building blocks of your business.  Their experience can allow them to develop a detailed professional business plan in a fraction of the time it would take a novice to create the same document.  They can add that professional polish that takes your business plan from the middle of the stack to the top of the pile.


How to Hire a Business Plan Writer?

Once you have decided that you need a business plan writer, there are lots of resources available to help you find the best writer for your business.  You can turn to local resources to help work through your business plan one-on-one.  Look to your local small business center for recommendations and ask your friends if they used a business plan writer for their own businesses.  The downside is that not all communities have professional business plan writers and some will only have limited options to help you choose a writer for your business.   If you can’t find a writer you want to work with locally, there are a large number of professionals online who specialize in creating business plans for clients across the country.

When you are selecting a professional business plan writer, you need to look at a number of factors including their experience, their writing ability, and their cost.  Before hiring a business plan writer, you should ask for samples of previous work and look for testimonials from entrepreneurs who have used their services.  Make sure that their writing style works for your business and find out exactly what is included in their service fee.    Look at their policies for revisions and make sure you understand what will be included in the finished product.

By following these steps to determine if a professional business plan writer is the best choice for your business, you will be able to see if the investment in their services will turn into the best opportunity for your business to find funding for the future.

About the author:    The Business Girl is Terri Sullivan Biehn.  I have been a professional business writer and management consultant for more than seventeen years.  As a management consultant, I work with entrepreneurs to develop business plans and other documents.  Through my consulting practice, I coach entrepreneurs and small business owners on their general start-up, marketing, financial, operational and management issues.