Startup: It's Time to Build Your Buzz

Once you have established your brand and taken the first steps in building your website, it's time to get social. 

By social, we mean it's time to embrace social media.  Start out with the biggest platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Establish your profiles with as much information as you can and start building up your following with targeted posts. 

You don't need to join every social media platform.  Pick the ones that target your customer base.  Focus on the ones that your clients are most likely to hang out on and low prioritize the ones that do target your demographics.

Once you have your profiles established, it's time to start following others (especially people that you would like to follow you back).  Take time to schedule your social media posts using tools like Hootsuite.  This can help you make the best use of your time by posting at the times of the day when you will reach the highest volume of readers.